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BplusK architects has been established in April 2017, is blooming energetically and believes in experimenting with different paradigms of architecture and always showed courage to push the barometers of architecture higher, with every new project.

BplusK is not just the organization which works on the projects. We even believe in creating harmony and relations which is sum total of human qualities that characterize a firm, the team of human beings working together is one of the most significant signals a firm send to the outside world.


BplusK work environment, coordinate its parts, and provide the comforts that will engender the goodwill, necessary to encourage staff to maintain the high levels of energy and creativity required to derive client.


As per programmatic study of project, conceptual and physical representation in a form of model is given to study varied architecture and philosophical aspects like its geometrical pattern, scale, proportion, volumetric analysis, massing, study of light and shadow pattern, etc. Depending on the purpose, models are made from a variety of materials including blocks, paper, wood and in varied scale.